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jake gyllenhaal set to his upcoming movie Road house

hollywood actor

The Man Who Can Do It All

anshika article

Spiritual realization

By anshika sagar

A vision of spiritual realization and its surrounding atmosphere

my circle story

Do we need more movies like "everything everywhere all at once?"

By sujata ahuja

Discover the Multiverse: Everything Everywhere All at Once Takes You on an Epic Adventure Across Parallel Universes!

k drama

Uncover the captivating world of Korean culture with binge-worthy K-dramas

By Ritu singh

are we getting addicted of k-drama?

my circle story

Lee Jae Wook: The Multi-Talented Actor Who Stole My Heart

By Anshika sagar

Discover the captivating looks and exceptional talent of Lee Jae Wook: A rising star in the Korean drama industry

bollywood movies

Is bollywood lacking with good stories?


Bollywood Takes a Bold New Direction: Embracing Fresh, Compelling Storylines for the Ultimate Movie Experience

my circle story

The Rise of Entrepreneurship in India

By kavita mishra

Exploring the Rise of Entrepreneurship in India: How Startups are Driving Economic Growth

sustainable clohing

Challenges Facing Sustainable Clothing Brands Today

By anshika sagar

Challenges for Sustainable Clothing Brands: Why They Struggle to Make Good Money


Dopamine: The Key to Unlocking a Happy and Successful Life?


How This Neurotransmitter Shapes Our Motivation, Mood, and Success


The Dangers of Overhydration


Overhydration: The Dangers of Drinking Too Much Water and How to Avoid Them

my circle story

The Dangers of Lack of Sleep: Understanding the Importance of Quality Sleep


Lack of sleep can have serious consequences on our physical and mental health.

The Dark Side of Modern Love: How the Young Generation is Destroying their Intimacy Life


The Intimacy Crisis: How the Young Generation is Destroying their Relationships and What Can Be Done About It

kaifi chouhan

From photographer to rapper - Kaifi chouhan


In a great conversation with photographer and rapper artist kaifi chouhan

vije bhatia

A cup of life with Vije bhatia


A special talk with vije bhatia about life and his upcoming projects


Life and food with Mirvaan vinayak


A great conversation with master chief mirvaan vinyak about life and food

sandeep goyat

Sandeep goyat


Sandeep Goyat shines as a complex and compelling grey character in "InCar"

my circle story fashion mistake

Top five fashion mistake to wear an outfit


discussing the detailing to wear a particular outfit by anshika sagar


Being a part of BTS army

Pop culture

Experience the Music, Passion, and Community of the World's Most Dedicated Fanbase by my circle story

my circle story

Fast fashion and our life


The Dark Side of Fast Fashion: How Its Rapid Changes are Impacting Our Lives and the Environment

my circle story

Behind the Luxury Facade


Behind the Luxury Facade: How High-End Brands are Trapping and Deceiving Consumers

breaking fourth wall

Breaking fourth wall and cinema


Breaking the Fourth Wall: How Cinema's Most Engaging Technique Captivates Audiences

anime my circle story

The Fascinating History and Origins of Anime

by AJ

Why You Should Watch Anime: Exploring Its Engaging Stories, Unique Art Style, and Growing Popularity in the Future

From 'Parasite' to Hollywood

By Karan sood

Why You Should Watch Korean Movies: Exploring Their Unique Storytelling, Genre-Bending Films, and Acclaimed Talent

breaking bad

breaking bad

By kriti ahuja

Breaking Bad: The Critically Acclaimed TV Series That Redefined the Crime Genre

indian tv industy

Is Indian tv industry killing small actors dreams?

By saurabh das

Neglecting Small Actors: The Dark Reality of Indian TV Industry's Payment System

new generation with anxiety

The Paradox of Success

By Mohit yadav

Exploring the Alarming Rise of Anxiety in the New Generation Despite Earning Better

my circle story.

Why you should wear black and grey color more?


Monochromatic Magic: Embracing the Power of Wearing Black and Grey More Often

corporate office

Toxicity in Corporate Offices

kavita mishra

How it's Affecting Women the Most and What Can Be Done About It

pizza by the bay

Experience Elevated Pizzas and Stunning Sea Views at Mumbai's Pizza by the Bay


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