Celebrating Victory: India’s T20 World Cup-Winning Team Returns to Delhi

Excitement is building as cricket fans across India prepare to welcome their victorious T20 World Cup-winning team back home. The Indian cricket team is set to arrive in Delhi on Thursday, and extensive security arrangements have been made to ensure a smooth and celebratory homecoming.

A Grand Welcome Awaits

As the team makes its way back to India, anticipation is high among fans eager to celebrate their heroes. The Delhi police have announced comprehensive security measures to manage the expected crowds and ensure the team’s safety. From the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport to the ITC Maurya Hotel, where the team will stay briefly, officials have planned a seamless operation.

Security Measures in Place

The team is expected to land at the IGI Airport around 6 am, after departing from Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport on a chartered flight. To ensure their safety, police have arranged escort vehicles with armed officers to accompany the team from the airport to the hotel.

At least two companies of paramilitary personnel have been deployed around the hotel and along the routes in central Delhi. These measures are in response to the likelihood of large gatherings of fans eager to cheer for the team. The police are prepared to manage the enthusiastic crowds and maintain order throughout the team’s brief stay in the capital.

Meeting with the Prime Minister

After arriving at the ITC Maurya Hotel, the team will have a brief rest before meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence at 11 am. This meeting is expected to be a significant moment, highlighting the importance of the team’s victory to the nation.

Following their meeting with the Prime Minister, the team will return to the hotel to prepare for their departure to Mumbai later in the day. The squad is scheduled to leave Delhi at 4 pm, heading towards an even grander celebration in Mumbai.

Celebrations in Mumbai

The festivities will continue in Mumbai, where the team will participate in an open bus roadshow. This event promises to be a spectacular display of national pride and enthusiasm, as fans line the streets to catch a glimpse of their cricketing idols.

The celebration will culminate in a felicitation ceremony at the iconic Wankhede Stadium. This event will honor the team’s remarkable achievement and provide fans with an opportunity to express their admiration and gratitude.


The return of India’s T20 World Cup-winning team is not just a celebration of their sporting achievement, but a moment of national pride. The meticulous planning and extensive security measures put in place by the police ensure that both the team and their fans can enjoy this historic occasion safely.

As the team travels from Delhi to Mumbai, the celebrations will highlight the unifying power of cricket and the shared joy of a nation. Fans across the country are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to join in the festivities and honor the champions who have brought the T20 World Cup home.

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of this momentous occasion, as we celebrate the triumph of Indian cricket.


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