Decline in Violence in Manipur: PM Modi’s Address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed the Rajya Sabha, highlighting the significant progress in reducing violence in Manipur. According to PM Modi, the state has seen a continuous decline in violent incidents, and schools have resumed in most areas. The Prime Minister emphasized the government’s ongoing efforts to restore complete peace in the region.

The Situation in Manipur

Since May 3 of last year, Manipur has been the scene of violent clashes between the Kuki and Meitei communities. These conflicts have resulted in at least 225 deaths and displaced around 50,000 people, many of whom are still living in relief centers. Despite these challenges, PM Modi assured that the situation is improving steadily.

Key Quotes from PM Modi’s Address

In his speech, PM Modi made several important statements regarding the situation in Manipur:

  1. Government Efforts to Normalize the Situation:

“The government is continuously working to normalise situation in Manipur. Whatever happened in the state…over 11,000 FIRs were filed in Manipur, more than 500 people were arrested. We will have to accept that the incidents of violence are on constant decline in Manipur. Schools, colleges and offices are open in most parts of Manipur today.”

  1. Union Home Minister’s Role:

“The Union Home minister (Amit Shah) stayed there for many weeks…Central govt is extending all cooperation to Manipur to tackle the ongoing flood situation in the state. Today, two teams of NDRF have reached Manipur. I warn those who are trying to add the fuel to fire will be rejected by Manipur…Congress had imposed President’s rule in Manipur 10 times…”

  1. Call for Unity:

“Leaving behind politics, we should cooperate to restore peace in Manipur.”

  1. Encouragement from the President’s Address:

“The President’s Address had inspiration and encouragement for the people of the country, and also awarded the path of the truth.”

  1. People’s Mandate:

“People have blessed us. I am proud of the intelligence of the people because they have defeated the propaganda in these elections (Lok Sabha elections). People of the country have given preference to performance. People have rejected the politics of confusion and have put a stamp of victory on the politics of trust.”

  1. Celebrating Constitution Day:

“I can recall that when I had said in the Lok Sabha that we will be celebrating November 26 as Constitution Day…I am amazed that the people who are now jumping with the copy of Constitution (Opposition) had then objected to it, saying what was the need to bring Constitution Day when January 26 was already there.”

  1. Achievements and Future Plans:

“I used to tell people of the country during the elections that the work we have done in the last 10 years… it is just the appetiser as per our dreams and resolution, the main course has just started.”

  1. Opposition’s Challenges:

“They (opposition) have challenged the Indian Constitution. They have outraged spirit of Indian Constitution. They have disregarded the oath they have undertaken.”

  1. Opposition’s Reaction to Election Mandate:

“They (opposition) are not able to digest the mandate given by 140 crore countrymen. Yesterday, all their attempts failed, so today, they did not have the strength to fight that battle. This is why they have left the field (on Opposition’s walkout) and run away.”

  1. Concern Over Atrocities on Women: “The opposition’s selective attitude over the issue of atrocity on women is very worrying. I want to tell the country through you (Rajya Sabha chairman), I am not speaking against any state or speaking to score any political points.”
  2. Violence Against Women in Bengal:
    > “A few days ago, I saw a video from Bengal on social media. A woman was being beaten on the road in full public view, no one came forward to help her, rather they were making video. And those who consider themselves progressive woman leaders have also remain mum only because they have relations with a particular party or a state… this has not only hurt the people of the country, but our mothers and sisters have been pained much more by this.”

PM Modi’s address to the Rajya Sabha highlighted the government’s efforts to reduce violence in Manipur and restore peace. He praised the actions taken by the Union Home Minister and other officials, emphasized the importance of unity, and criticized the opposition’s selective stance on issues of violence. The Prime Minister’s speech aimed to reassure the people of Manipur and the nation that the government is committed to ensuring safety and stability in the region.

By focusing on these key points, we can understand the government’s perspective on the situation in Manipur and the steps being taken to improve conditions for its residents.


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