Larry Wheels: Transitioning Paths and New Ventures

Larry Wheels, a prominent figure in the fitness world, has recently sparked widespread discussion with his career shifts and upcoming projects. Known initially for his journey to earning a pro card in bodybuilding, Wheels has since embarked on new endeavors, leaving fans and followers curious about his next moves.

Rise to Prominence

Larry Wheels gained significant popularity as a powerlifter-turned-bodybuilder, establishing himself as a fitness icon. His dedication and achievements in the realm of bodybuilding earned him a considerable fan base and recognition within the fitness community.

Departure from Bodybuilding

Recently, Larry Wheels announced his departure from bodybuilding, signaling a shift in his career trajectory. This decision comes amid speculation and curiosity about his future pursuits and interests beyond the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Exploring New Avenues

Hinting at a potential new pathway, Larry Wheels playfully engaged his audience, contemplating his next steps. One of his recent posts featured a collaboration with Layne Viernes, known for his prowess in Super Heavyweight Power Slap competitions. The video snippet, however, garnered mixed reactions, with some expressing concern over the physical demands and risks associated with such a sport.

Evolving Brand and Influence

As Larry Wheels transitions away from bodybuilding, his brand evolves into that of a responsible fitness influencer. His journey reflects a commitment to exploring diverse fitness disciplines while maintaining a focus on health and well-being. This evolution underscores his desire to continue inspiring others through his fitness journey and experiences.

Future Prospects

Larry Wheels’ decision to retire from bodybuilding aligns with his recent emphasis on natural training methods and prioritizing health over competitive goals. His fans eagerly await his next moves, including potential ventures into unconventional sports like Power Slapping, where physical endurance and resilience are paramount.


Larry Wheels’ career trajectory exemplifies versatility and a willingness to explore new horizons within the fitness industry. From powerlifting to bodybuilding and now potentially into new and challenging arenas, Wheels continues to captivate audiences with his determination and evolving perspectives on fitness and health.

As Larry Wheels embarks on this new chapter, his journey serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of personal growth and professional development within the realm of fitness and sports. His influence extends beyond achievements, resonating with those who value dedication, resilience, and a commitment to pushing boundaries in pursuit of excellence.


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