“Squeaky Beach Claims Top Spot: Australia’s Best Beach for 2024”

Squeaky Beach: Australia’s Best for 2024 according to Brad Farmer

In a groundbreaking recognition, Squeaky Beach in Victoria has been crowned Australia’s best beach for 2024, marking the first time a Victorian beach has claimed this prestigious title. The annual list, curated by Australia’s Beach Ambassador Brad Farmer, underwent a thorough investigation of almost 12,000 beaches around the mainland and surrounding islands.

Brad Farmer, instrumental in the formation of Coastcare and a coastal advisor to the Senate, expressed his admiration for Squeaky Beach. He described it as a “masterpiece of a beach” that could be compared to a painting. The crashing waves on boulders and its expansive open space already made it appealing, but its proximity to Wilsons Promontory, inhabited by emus, wombats, and kangaroos, elevated its status.

Squeaky Beach’s triumph challenges the common oversight of Victoria when it comes to the best beaches. Farmer emphasized that Melburnians and Victorians are fortunate to have access to fabulous coastlines on both the east and west. Despite being unpatrolled, Parks Victoria advises caution for those wishing to swim at Squeaky Beach.

The announcement of the Best Australian Beaches list not only recognizes outstanding coastal destinations but also serves as a driver for international tourism and domestic visitation. Farmer seized this opportunity to call on the federal government to prioritize the management and protection of the country’s coastlines, considering them a valuable and sustainable natural resource.

This accolade for Squeaky Beach not only celebrates its unique beauty but also shines a spotlight on the diverse coastal wonders that Australia has to offer.


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