Zomato Founder Deepinder Goyal Addresses Swiggy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

In a recent interview, Deepinder Goyal, the founder of food delivery giant Zomato, candidly discussed various aspects of entrepreneurship, including the topic of Swiggy, Zomato’s key rival in the food delivery space.

When questioned about whether he had ever secretly used Swiggy, Goyal responded with a firm denial, stating, “I have never; I have never.” This assertion, accompanied by a smile, underscores Goyal’s unwavering commitment to integrity and ethical business practices, even in the face of competition.

Goyal’s entrepreneurial journey, rooted in his upbringing in a small town in Punjab, serves as a testament to the notion that success knows no boundaries. His message to aspiring entrepreneurs resonates with the belief that regardless of background or upbringing, achieving greatness is attainable through dedication and perseverance.

In response to recent criticism over Zomato’s “pure veg” food delivery service, Goyal’s team took swift action, scrapping plans for a separate uniform and opting instead to feature a ‘pure veg’ fleet on the app. This decision reflects Zomato’s commitment to serving diverse customer preferences while maintaining unity among its delivery partners.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Goyal recalled how frustration with a pizza order during his time at the Indian Institute of Technology sparked the idea for an online service, laying the foundation for Zomato’s inception. This anecdote highlights the transformative power of adversity in driving innovation and underscores the importance of resilience in entrepreneurship.

As Zomato continues to innovate and redefine the food delivery landscape, Deepinder Goyal’s leadership remains instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, Goyal exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and serves as an inspiration to aspiring business leaders across India and beyond.


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