Zomato Revamps Going-Out Business with Senior Executives’ Return

Zomato, a leading player in India’s food delivery and going-out segments, has recently welcomed back two key executives to spearhead innovations in its going-out business. Rahul Ganjoo, former head of new businesses, and Pradyot Ghate, previously a vice-president, have returned to explore fresh opportunities in the realm of dining, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Ganjoo, who previously held roles including CEO of food delivery and head of product management, departed Zomato in January 2023 after a significant tenure. Ghate followed suit in July 2023 after almost a decade with the company. Their return underscores Zomato’s strategic focus on expanding beyond traditional food delivery into broader experiences encompassing dining out and live events.

Zomato’s interest in bolstering its going-out segment was evident earlier this year when it revealed negotiations to acquire Paytm’s movie ticketing and events arm. This potential deal, estimated between Rs 1,500 crore to Rs 2,000 crore, highlights Zomato’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and capturing a larger share of India’s offline entertainment market.

In the fourth quarter of FY24, Zomato’s going-out segment reported substantial growth with a 207% year-on-year increase in gross order value, reaching Rs 1,069 crore. Adjusted revenue doubled to Rs 93 crore during the same period, although profitability saw a decline. This growth trajectory underscores the potential of the going-out business as a significant revenue driver for the company moving forward.

While Ganjoo and Ghate are currently incubating new ideas within the going-out vertical, the dynamic nature of Zomato ensures that these initiatives may evolve or change before final launch. The company remains agile in responding to market demands and consumer preferences, positioning itself as a key player in both online food delivery and offline experiences.

This article highlights Zomato’s strategic maneuvers in the going-out business, emphasizing its growth trajectory and the return of key executives to drive innovation. If you need any adjustments or further details, feel free to let me know!


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