Sara Ali Khan Breaks Taboos: Embracing Periods with Confidence and Comfort

Sara Ali Khan, a shining star among Gen Z, is not just celebrated for her Bollywood talent but also for her candidness in sharing her life journey. Recently announced as the face of feminine hygiene brand Sofy, Sara opens up about her experiences with menstruation in a refreshing and light-hearted conversation with IANSlife.

In a delightful chat, Sara reveals that some of her hit songs, including “Aankh Maare,” “Chaka Chak,” and “Haan Main Galat,” were shot during her menstrual cycle days, shedding light on the reality of working through menstrual discomfort in the entertainment industry.

Discussing her personal experience with menstruation, Sara candidly shares her struggles with moodiness, bloating, and sugar cravings, which she attributes to magnesium deficiency. However, she also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, recommending spinach (palak) for its nutritional benefits.

When asked about her views on how society treats menstruation, Sara passionately advocates for debunking myths and eliminating the stigma surrounding periods. She asserts that menstruation is not a sign of impurity but rather a natural and essential aspect of femininity and fertility. Sara expresses her excitement about partnering with Sofy, a brand that not only addresses the needs of young girls but also educates and empowers others about menstruation.

Despite the challenges of menstruation, Sara remains dedicated to her fitness routine, emphasizing the importance of exercise for boosting mood and relieving pain. She shares her commitment to working out daily, even during her period, incorporating light cardio and yoga into her routine.

On the topic of feminine hygiene products, Sara reveals her preference for both XL pads and antibacterial napkins, highlighting the importance of comfort and protection during menstruation. She praises Sofy’s Anti-Bacterial extra-large pads for providing spotless and comfortable periods while prioritizing health and safety.

In a candid moment, Sara reflects on her experiences with changing pads or tampons in unusual places, underscoring the practical challenges women face during menstruation. Her openness and honesty serve as a beacon of empowerment for women, encouraging them to embrace their periods with confidence and comfort.

As Sara Ali Khan continues to break taboos and challenge societal norms, her advocacy for menstrual health and hygiene sets a positive example for women everywhere, fostering a culture of openness, acceptance, and empowerment.


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