Kangana Ranaut Praises Hema Malini’s Artistic Legacy

Kangana Ranaut, embarking on her political journey as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the 2024 Lok Sabha election, recently took to social media to express admiration for fellow actor and BJP leader Hema Malini. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Kangana reshared a throwback video showcasing Hema Malini’s mesmerizing performance on stage during her early twenties.

Accompanying the video, Kangana penned words of praise for Hema Malini’s enduring talent, highlighting her ability to captivate audiences with hours-long performances even today. She condemned those who trivialize dance, music, and art, equating such attitudes with narrow-mindedness.

Drawing parallels to mythology, Kangana referenced the character of Arjun from ancient Indian epics, emphasizing the significance of dance, music, and art in cultural and spiritual realms. She invoked the divine connection, citing Lord Shiva’s embodiment as Natraj, the cosmic dancer, as a testament to the intrinsic value of these art forms.

The original video, shared by Old Is Gold Films on Instagram, showcased Hema Malini’s Bharatnatyam performance from the 1960s, lauding her dedication and devotion to her craft. While some discrepancies were noted regarding the timeline, the essence of Hema Malini’s talent and commitment to her art remained undeniable.

Kangana’s admiration for Hema Malini’s artistic legacy serves as a testament to the enduring impact of talent and dedication in the world of performing arts. As Hema Malini continues to inspire generations with her grace and artistry, Kangana’s tribute underscores the importance of honoring and preserving our cultural heritage.

In an era marked by rapid changes and evolving tastes, the timeless allure of classical dance and music remains a beacon of tradition and beauty. Through her words, Kangana Ranaut pays homage to Hema Malini’s contributions to Indian cinema and culture, celebrating the enduring legacy of a true icon.


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