Vijay Deverakonda’s Relationship Status: A Witty Response Sparks Speculation

The rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation about Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna’s relationship status, keeping fans and media alike on their toes. While the duo has never officially confirmed their dating rumors, their on-screen chemistry and off-screen camaraderie have fueled the gossip mill.

In a recent interview with Galatta Plus, Vijay Deverakonda was prodded about his romantic relationship status, particularly regarding Rashmika Mandanna. However, instead of offering a straightforward answer, the actor opted for a witty and lighthearted response, adding fuel to the already blazing fire of speculation.

When pressed for a direct answer, Vijay humorously sidestepped the question by proclaiming his relationship status with his parents, brother, and even the interviewer, quipping, “Yes, with my parents, with my brother, with you, and we all are in a relationship.” This clever retort left fans and media outlets alike intrigued and speculating about the true nature of his relationship with Rashmika Mandanna.

The chemistry between Vijay and Rashmika, evident in their collaborations in films like “Geetha Govindam” (2018) and “Dear Comrade” (2019), has only added fuel to the ongoing rumors. Despite their professional collaborations and public appearances together, the duo has chosen to maintain a veil of secrecy around their personal lives, adding to the mystery and allure surrounding their rumored relationship.

As fans eagerly await further developments and official confirmation from the stars themselves, Vijay Deverakonda’s witty response has only served to heighten the intrigue and speculation surrounding his romantic entanglements. Whether their relationship status remains a closely guarded secret or blossoms into something more public, one thing is for certain – the Vijay-Rashmika saga continues to captivate audiences and keep the gossip mills churning.


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