Maneka Gandhi Breaks Silence: A Political Turn in Sultanpur

The political arena in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur witnessed a significant development as BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, amidst her 10-day visit to the constituency, broke her silence on the denial of a ticket to her son, Varun Gandhi. Her statements shed light on the intricate dynamics within the party and her own political journey.

Addressing the media during her visit, Maneka Gandhi expressed her happiness at being a part of the BJP and thanked party leaders, including Amit Shah, PM Modi, and Nadda Ji, for giving her the ticket. She acknowledged the dilemma caused by the late announcement of her candidacy, stating her gratitude for the party’s decision in choosing Sultanpur as her battleground.

Her return to Sultanpur holds historical significance, as she pointed out that no MP has ever been re-elected from the constituency—a fact she hopes to change. Her 10-day itinerary includes visits to 101 villages across the Lok Sabha constituency, demonstrating her commitment to connecting with the electorate.

Throughout her visit, Maneka Gandhi received a warm welcome from party leaders and workers at various locations, reaffirming her support within the party ranks. She also paid homage to the statues of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee and Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, underscoring her reverence for the ideological foundations of the BJP.

Maneka Gandhi’s statements and actions during her visit to Sultanpur not only signify a personal milestone in her political journey but also shed light on the evolving dynamics within the BJP. As the political landscape continues to shift, her presence in Sultanpur promises to be a pivotal factor in the upcoming elections, with all eyes on the outcome and its implications for both her and the party.


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