Maidaan: Unveiling the Final Trailer and Ajay Devgn’s Remarkable Transformation

After the box office success of his last film, Vikas Bahl’s home invasion drama Shaitaan, fans of Ajay Devgn can’t wait to see him in a completely new avatar in Maidaan. On the occasion of his 55th birthday, the makers unveiled the final trailer of Maidaan.

The final trailer builds on the first one, released a couple of weeks ago. It starts with Priyamani’s character giving a pep talk to her husband Syed Abdul Rahim, played by Ajay. She lauds him for believing that India can achieve football glory in the imminent Olympics, back in the 1950s, in a newly independent nation.

Against Gajraj Rao’s bureaucratic character, we see Ajay’s Syed Abdul Rahim pick young footballers from the margins, building India’s underdog team, player by player. However, as we see later in the trailer, Ajay and his team don’t only have to face formidable competition in the stadium, but also the boos of the stadium crowd and of the mob protesting outside, demanding India to “go back.”

About Maidaan

Talking about the film and his character of Syed Abdul Rahim, Ajay said in a statement, “Apart from being a great story, I never knew that something like that had happened in our country and football had reached its peak and only because of, I can’t say one man, but one man and these players who changed the course of football in the ‘50s and ’60s. In fact, I was shocked and surprised this would have happened and there is a person like him and that was the first thing that this story needs to be told.”


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