The Mystery of Security Deployment: Unveiling the Case of V.K. Pandian

In a surprising turn of events, the deployment of 74 police personnel for the protection of V.K. Pandian, a close aide of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and chairman of 5T, has sparked controversy and raised questions about the rationale behind such a decision. The Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan (OSAA), a forum for the state’s RTI activists, has brought this issue to light, calling for transparency and accountability from the state government.

Unprecedented Security Detail:

The revelation of 74 police personnel being assigned to protect Mr. Pandian, a man with Cabinet Minister status in the Biju Janata Dal government, has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism. Typically, the level of security provided to individuals is determined by perceived threats. However, the State government’s decision to deploy such a large security detail for Mr. Pandian remains shrouded in mystery.

Demand for Clarification:

Addressing a press conference, Pradip Pradhan, convenor of OSAA, emphasized the need for the state government to clarify the rationale behind the unprecedented security provision for Mr. Pandian. RTI activist Prakash Chandra Dash highlighted that the State government spends ₹3 crore annually for Mr. Pandian’s security detail, raising questions about whether this expenditure is justified and aimed at addressing genuine threats or merely enhancing Mr. Pandian’s influential image.

Lack of Transparency:

The lack of transparency surrounding the security arrangements for Mr. Pandian has fueled speculation and skepticism. Despite repeated inquiries through RTI applications, the State government has failed to provide satisfactory explanations for the extensive security deployment. Dash pointed out the discrepancy between the security provided to Mr. Pandian and other government officials, highlighting the need for clarity and accountability in this matter.

Call for Review:

In light of the concerns raised by OSAA and other activists, there is a pressing need for a fresh threat assessment to be conducted for Mr. Pandian. The deployment of such a large security detail not only raises questions about the allocation of resources but also places a burden on the State exchequer. OSAA has urged the government to reevaluate the security arrangements for Mr. Pandian and consider reducing the deployment to a more reasonable level.


The case of V.K. Pandian’s security deployment highlights the importance of transparency, accountability, and responsible governance. As citizens, it is crucial to demand clarity and justification for government actions, especially when they involve significant expenditures and resource allocations. The OSAA’s efforts to shed light on this matter serve as a reminder of the role of civil society in holding authorities accountable and ensuring transparency in public affairs. Ultimately, the resolution of this issue will require the cooperation and responsiveness of the state government to address the concerns raised by activists and citizens alike.


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