Shehzad and Nadia Empower Consumers with “DisOccupied”: A Movement to Boycott Israeli Products

In a world increasingly interconnected through technology and social media, the power of consumer activism has never been more potent. Recently, a Kashmiri-Palestinian couple based in the United States launched a groundbreaking initiative called “DisOccupied,” aimed at empowering consumers to boycott Israeli products and support the Palestinian cause.

The Visionaries Behind DisOccupied:

Nadia, hailing from Palestinian descent, and her Kashmiri husband Shehzad, embarked on a mission to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people beyond the confines of social media activism. Their vision culminated in the creation of DisOccupied, a website meticulously crafted to identify brands and companies that support Israel, making it easier for conscientious consumers to boycott Israeli products.

A Call to Action:

In a compelling video interview shared by TRT World, Shehzad and Nadia shed light on the motivation behind their initiative. They spent countless hours painstakingly researching and identifying companies that align with the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), emphasizing the critical importance of informed consumer choices, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ethical Imperative:

Highlighting the ethical dimension of their endeavor, Shehzad underscored the role of private capital in financing illegal Israeli settlements, urging consumers to scrutinize their spending habits. Nadia echoed her husband’s sentiments, cautioning against inadvertently supporting companies involved in actions tantamount to genocide through zakat payments.

Raising Awareness and Taking Action:

Since its launch on October 7, 2023, DisOccupied has galvanized individuals worldwide to abstain from purchasing Israeli goods and patronizing franchises that support Israel. The initiative serves as a powerful vehicle for conveying a resounding message to Israel, urging an end to actions that inflict harm and suffering on innocent Palestinians.

The Human Cost:

The urgency of DisOccupied’s mission is underscored by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region. The devastating toll of Israeli military campaigns on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of thousands of Palestinian lives, underscores the pressing need for collective action and solidarity with oppressed communities.

Empowering Consumer Activism:

DisOccupied exemplifies the transformative potential of consumer activism in effecting social change and holding corporations accountable for their complicity in human rights violations. By providing consumers with the tools to make informed choices, the initiative empowers individuals to align their purchasing power with their values and principles.


In a world grappling with complex geopolitical dynamics and humanitarian crises, initiatives like DisOccupied offer a beacon of hope and a tangible pathway for individuals to contribute to positive change. As consumers, we possess the power to shape the world around us through the choices we make. By supporting initiatives that advocate for justice and equality, we can collectively strive towards a more equitable and compassionate world for all. DisOccupied stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of solidarity and the unwavering commitment of Shehzad and Nadia to uphold the rights and dignity of oppressed communities worldwide.


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