AAP’s Atishi Marlena Faces Legal Scrutiny Over Alleged Involvement in Liquor Policy Scam

In recent developments, Atishi Marlena, a prominent leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), finds herself embroiled in legal troubles stemming from her alleged involvement in the Delhi Liquor Policy scam and its repercussions on the Goa elections of 2022. The unfolding saga has raised questions about accountability, transparency, and the integrity of political processes.

Allegations and Press Conference:

At a press conference held on Saturday, Atishi Marlena expressed concerns about possible actions by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with the Delhi Liquor Policy scam case. She preemptively claimed victimhood and alleged that the ED could summon her for questioning or even arrest her. These assertions come amidst reports linking her to the misuse of funds during the Goa elections in 2022.

ED Investigation and Allegations:

Reports suggest that Atishi Marlena served as the AAP’s In-charge for the Goa elections in 2022, during which ‘proceeds of crime’ worth Rs 45 crores, allegedly generated from the Liquor Policy scam, were used for campaigning purposes. The ED has asserted that the AAP was a major beneficiary of the Liquor scam, and the funds were utilized in the Goa election campaign.

Legal Ramifications:

The implications of these allegations are significant, with legal experts opining that Atishi Marlena could face serious consequences under the legal doctrine of vicarious liability. Additionally, statements submitted before the court by individuals associated with the AAP, including AAP MP ND Gupta and Kejriwal’s Personal Secretary, suggest that key party leaders were aware of the financial transactions.

AAP’s Defense and ASG’s Statements:

In response to the allegations, AAP has refuted the claims, asserting that the party is not a “company” but a political entity. However, the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) has argued that every person responsible for the conduct of the party should be held accountable, including Atishi Marlena. ASG further emphasized the concept of vicarious liability, suggesting that leaders like Kejriwal and Marlena could be held responsible for the party’s actions.

Call for Transparency and Accountability:

As the legal proceedings unfold, there is a growing demand for transparency and accountability within the political sphere. The allegations against Atishi Marlena underscore the need for stringent oversight mechanisms to prevent the misuse of funds and ensure the integrity of electoral processes.


The unfolding legal scrutiny surrounding Atishi Marlena’s alleged involvement in the Delhi Liquor Policy scam and its ramifications on the Goa elections of 2022 serve as a sobering reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and accountability in politics. As investigations continue, it remains imperative for all stakeholders, including political leaders and law enforcement agencies, to uphold the principles of justice and fairness in addressing allegations of corruption and malfeasance. Only through transparent and accountable governance can the trust and confidence of the public be restored in the democratic process.


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