Enhanced Toll Rates on Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway Commencing April 1

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has issued a notification regarding revised toll charges on the Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway, set to come into effect from April 1. This notification entails adjustments in toll fees for various vehicle categories, impacting commuters traversing this vital artery.

Revised Toll Rates

Effective April 1, commuters utilizing the Bengaluru – Nidaghatta section of the expressway will encounter modified toll rates. For cars, vans, and jeeps, the toll for a single journey will be raised to ₹170, with a round trip costing ₹255. In comparison, the existing tolls stand at ₹165 for one-way travel and ₹255 for round trips. Mini-buses, light commercial vehicles, and light goods vehicles will face revised toll charges of ₹275 for single trips and ₹475 for round trips, as opposed to the current rates of ₹270 and ₹405 respectively. Heavy vehicles such as trucks and two-axle buses will incur increased tolls amounting to ₹580 for single trips and ₹870 for round trips, up from the current charges of ₹565 and ₹850.

Changes on Nidaghatta – Mysuru Segment

Similarly, travelers utilizing the Nidaghatta – Mysuru stretch of the expressway will witness adjustments in toll rates. Cars, vans, and jeeps will now be subject to tolls of ₹160 for single trips and ₹240 for round trips.

Project Overview

The Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway, spanning a total distance of 119 kilometers, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March of the previous year. This infrastructural marvel, constructed at a cost of Rs. 8,408 crore, epitomizes India’s commitment to modernizing its transportation network. Noteworthy features of this project include 52 kilometers of greenfield construction and the integration of five bypasses aimed at alleviating traffic congestion. Additionally, the expressway boasts an impressive array of infrastructure, including 11 overpasses, 64 underpasses, five bypasses, and 42 small bridges. With six lanes complemented by two-lane service roads on both sides, the expressway prioritizes safety and accessibility for all commuters.

As commuters brace themselves for the forthcoming adjustments in toll rates, the Bengaluru – Mysuru Expressway stands as a testament to India’s relentless pursuit of excellence in infrastructure development, promising enhanced connectivity and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.


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