Elon Musk Unfollows Grimes on X Amidst Instagram Announcement of New Relationship

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has once again made headlines with his social media activity, this time unfollowing his ex-girlfriend, Claire “Grimes” Boucher, on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter). The move comes in the wake of Grimes’ Instagram post hinting at a new romantic interest.

The Instagram Announcement

Grimes, a Canadian musician known for her eclectic style and artistic endeavors, took to Instagram on March 23 to share a series of intimate photos accompanied by the caption “Beauty and the Beast.” While the individual in the pictures was not directly identified, speculation arose that it might be 35-year-old DJ Matteo ‘Anyma’ Milleri. The second image in the series, showing Grimes and the mystery man kissing, further fueled the speculation.

Social Media Reaction

Grimes’ post garnered significant attention and elicited mixed reactions from her followers. While some expressed support and excitement for her apparent new relationship, others commented on the perceived upgrade from her previous association with Elon Musk. Amidst the flurry of responses, one user remarked, “girlie, this is a HUGE step up,” while another expressed relief at seeing Grimes move forward romantically.

Elon Musk’s Response

However, reports surfaced that Elon Musk swiftly responded to Grimes’ Instagram announcement by unfollowing her on X. The timing of this action aligns closely with the date of Grimes’ post, suggesting a direct response to her public display of affection with another individual. Although neither Musk nor Grimes have publicly commented on the unfollowing, social media users and outlets have taken note of the development.


Elon Musk and Grimes’ relationship has been a subject of public fascination, fueled by their high-profile status and occasional social media interactions. While Grimes’ Instagram post signifies a new chapter in her personal life, Musk’s decision to unfollow her underscores the complexities of navigating relationships in the public eye. As speculation continues to swirl, the dynamics between the two ex-partners remain under scrutiny, inviting further speculation and analysis from fans and observers alike.


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