Controversy Surrounding Andrew Huberman: Unexpected Support Emerges from Bengaluru

The recent allegations against popular podcaster and Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman have sent shockwaves through his community of followers and acquaintances. Amidst widespread criticism, an unexpected display of support emerged from the streets of Bengaluru, India, shedding light on the global reach of the controversy.

Support in Unexpected Places

Posters expressing solidarity with Huberman appeared on a lamp post in Bengaluru’s Indiranagar neighborhood, featuring his image alongside the text, “I stand with you. Dr. Andrew Huberman. We are with you.” The unexpected show of support garnered attention on social media, with users expressing surprise at the display in one of the city’s key start-up hubs.

Social Media Reaction

The photo of the posters was shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by user Ramyakh, who highlighted the uniqueness of the situation with the caption “Only in Indiranagar.” The post caught the eye of popular X account “Peak Bengaluru,” which extended an invitation to Huberman to visit the city.

Allegations and Controversy

The controversy surrounding Huberman stems from allegations of infidelity and toxic behavior made by his former partners and acquaintances. A New York Magazine report detailed accusations of dating multiple women simultaneously and engaging in harmful behavior, including making derogatory comments and displaying anger issues. One woman, identified as Sarah, accused Huberman of comparing their relationship to “bobbing for apples in feces” and suggested she contracted HPV from him, although his office refuted this claim.

Navigating the Fallout

With over six million followers on Instagram, Huberman’s influence extends far beyond academic circles. The allegations against him have sparked conversations about accountability and the treatment of women in professional and personal spheres. As the controversy unfolds, Huberman faces the challenge of addressing the accusations while maintaining his reputation and platform.

A Complex Narrative

The emergence of support for Andrew Huberman in Bengaluru adds a layer of complexity to an already fraught situation. While the allegations against him paint a troubling picture, the public response underscores the nuances of public perception and the diverse reactions to controversy in the digital age. As Huberman navigates the fallout from these revelations, the broader conversation about accountability, integrity, and support for survivors continues to evolve.


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