Bengaluru Cafe Blast: NIA Offers Rs 20 Lakh Reward for Information on Suspects

In a bid to expedite investigations into the Bengaluru cafe blast case, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has announced a hefty reward of Rs 20 lakh for any information leading to the apprehension of two prime suspects. The agency has identified Musaavir Hussain Shazib, the alleged perpetrator who planted the improvised explosive device (IED) at Rameshwaram Cafe, and Abdul Matheen Ahmed Taahaa, implicated in the conspiracy behind the attack, as the individuals of interest.

The NIA’s decision to offer a substantial reward underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgency to bring the perpetrators to justice. With a reward of Rs 10 lakh each on their heads, the agency hopes to encourage individuals with pertinent information to come forward and assist in the investigation process.

It is noteworthy that both Shazib and Taahaa were already wanted in connection with a terrorism case dating back to 2020, indicating a pattern of involvement in nefarious activities. The NIA has urged anyone possessing information on the whereabouts or activities of these suspects to reach out via email at or through a phone call, ensuring confidentiality and anonymity.

In a startling revelation, the NIA disclosed that Shazib had been utilizing an alias, Mohammed Juned Sayed, to conceal his true identity. Similarly, Taahaa had resorted to using Hindu identity documents and a forged Aadhar card under the name Vignesh, further complicating the investigation process.

Assuring the protection of informants’ identities, the NIA emphasizes the crucial role of public cooperation in apprehending individuals involved in such heinous crimes. The agency’s recent success in apprehending Muzammil Shareef, a co-conspirator in the case, following extensive search operations across multiple states, serves as a testament to its commitment to unraveling the truth and ensuring justice for the victims.

As the investigation into the Bengaluru cafe blast unfolds, the NIA’s proactive measures, including the declaration of rewards and intensified search operations, underscore the government’s unwavering resolve to combat terrorism and uphold the rule of law. Through collective vigilance and cooperation, we can thwart the machinations of those seeking to disrupt peace and stability in our society.


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