Upholding Judicial Integrity: Lawyers Unite Against Threats to the Judiciary

In a resounding display of unity and commitment to justice, over 600 lawyers from diverse backgrounds across India, including renowned figures such as senior advocate Harish Salve and Bar Council of India chairman Manan Kumar Mishra, have penned a letter to Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud. Their message? A stern condemnation of what they perceive as a mounting threat to the integrity of the judiciary.

At the heart of their concerns lies a concerted effort by what they term as a “vested interest group” to manipulate judicial processes, influence court decisions, and tarnish the reputation of the judiciary with unfounded allegations and political agendas. Particularly alarming is the alleged fabrication of false narratives aimed at skewing the public’s perception of the judiciary’s functioning, often invoking comparisons to a fictional ‘golden age’ of the courts. These narratives, the lawyers assert, are designed to sway judicial outcomes and erode public trust in the judiciary.Of utmost concern are cases involving political figures accused of corruption, where these manipulative tactics are most pronounced. The letter highlights the insidious nature of attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of judges and influence the composition of judicial benches through what they term as the “concocted theory of bench fixing.” Such actions, the lawyers argue, not only disrespect the judiciary but also pose a grave threat to the rule of law and the principles of justice.

This collective call to action underscores the importance of safeguarding the independence and integrity of the judiciary—a cornerstone of any functioning democracy. It serves as a reminder that the legal fraternity stands united in its commitment to upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and the rule of law. In the face of adversity, these lawyers exemplify courage, integrity, and unwavering dedication to the cause of justice. Their voices echo a resolute determination to combat threats to the judiciary and ensure that justice remains blind, impartial, and beyond the reach of undue influence.


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