UFC Champion Sean O’Malley Sends a Clear Message: Respect Privacy or Face Consequences

In the latest episode of his TimboSugarShow on YouTube, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley, known as “Suga,” issued a stern warning to fans who trespass on his property. Fed up with people continuously finding his house, O’Malley expressed frustration and concern, especially after his last opponent, Marlon Vera, experienced a robbery.

“People keep finding my f—ing house, it’s f—ing annoying,” O’Malley vented. “I wanna put a sign way out there on the road that says if you pass this line, you could be shot. It’s fans, they like me. But that doesn’t mean you can f—ing come to my house. Don’t come to my house.”

O’Malley’s frustration is exacerbated by a recent trend of fighters having their homes robbed while away for fights. With fighters like Ciryl Gane and Marlon Vera sharing their own experiences, O’Malley is on high alert.

“I had security come put crazy security cameras in, motion lights, it was f—ing expensive,” he revealed. “I was walking around my property a couple nights ago because I seen this car outside. Walking around with my pistol, loaded. When my family is at my house, it’s not a game.”

The threat of intrusion has prompted O’Malley to take drastic measures to protect his home and loved ones. “Chito’s house got broken into,” he added. “I don’t know if somebody’s trying to steal my shit. They think oh he’s rich, he’s got money, he’s got shit. I’m ready to kill. I’m walking around with my AR, I’m walking around with my pistol.”

O’Malley’s message is clear: Respect his privacy or face severe consequences. With security measures in place and a vigilant eye on his property, O’Malley is prepared to defend his home against any unwanted intruders.

For those who may be tempted to wander onto the “Suga” compound uninvited, don’t expect a warm welcome. O’Malley’s warning serves as a reminder to fans and admirers to show respect for the privacy and boundaries of public figures, even if they’re beloved champions in the world of MMA.


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