NBA Draft Watch: Risers and Standouts from March Madness

The latest mock draft from ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo has stirred up excitement among NBA fans, especially with several NCAA tournament standouts making their mark on the draft board. Here’s a breakdown of the updated top 15 selections and notable players to watch:

  1. Zaccharie Risacher (Detroit Pistons): The French forward remains the top prospect, showcasing his talent for JL Bourg.
  2. Alex Sarr (Washington Wizards): Perth Wildcats’ versatile forward/center climbs to the second spot.
  3. Rob Dillingham (San Antonio Spurs): Kentucky’s dynamic point guard continues to impress NBA scouts.
  4. Nikola Topić (Charlotte Hornets): Mega MIS point guard garners attention with his skills.
  5. Donovan Clingan (Portland Trail Blazers): UConn’s dominant center earns recognition for his performances.
  6. Matas Buzelis (Toronto Raptors): G League Ignite’s small forward draws interest with his potential.
  7. Reed Sheppard (Memphis Grizzlies): Kentucky’s combo guard makes waves with his play.
  8. Dalton Knecht (Houston Rockets): Tennessee’s small forward rises up the draft board.
  9. Cody Williams (Utah Jazz): Colorado’s versatile forward grabs attention with his game.
  10. Isaiah Collier (Atlanta Hawks): USC’s point guard showcases his skills for NBA scouts.
  11. Ja’Kobe Walter (Oklahoma City Thunder): Baylor’s shooting guard gains recognition for his performances.
  12. Ron Holland (Chicago Bulls): G League Ignite’s small forward earns a spot in the first round.
  13. Tidjane Salaun (Portland Trail Blazers): Cholet’s power forward gets noticed with his play.
  14. Zach Edey (New Orleans Pelicans): Purdue’s 7’4″ center impresses with dominant March Madness performances.
  15. Kyle Filipowski (Philadelphia 76ers): Duke’s standout center showcases his skills on both ends of the floor.

Edey’s rise in the draft is notable, fueled by his impressive March Madness performances, while Filipowski’s defensive prowess and offensive resurgence in the tournament are catching scouts’ eyes. As the NCAA tournament progresses, expect these prospects and others to continue influencing the draft landscape with their stellar play and potential for NBA success.


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