Lisa’s Birthday Celebration: A Heartfelt Tribute from BLACKPINK Members and Fans

The K-pop sensation BLACKPINK recently celebrated the birthday of their beloved member, Lalisa Manobal, affectionately known as Lisa, with a flurry of heartfelt messages and gestures from her bandmates and fans worldwide.

As Lisa enjoyed her special day at the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifier match between Korea Republic and Thailand, fans flooded social media platforms with hashtags like #Chapter27WithLisa and #AllRounderLisaDay, expressing their love and birthday wishes for the talented star.

Lisa’s newly launched media company, LLOUD, added to the festivities by announcing an exclusive merchandise drop, further delighting fans with limited edition goodies. To top it off, Lisa treated fans to a TikTok dance video sporting one of the coveted hoodies, adding to the excitement of her birthday celebration.

Among the highlights of the day were the heartfelt messages shared by Lisa’s bandmates, Jisoo and Rosé, on their Instagram accounts. Jisoo penned a touching message, reflecting on their journey together from their middle school days to adulthood, expressing her love and support for Lisa as a cherished friend and confidante.

Rosé, in her characteristic warmth and sincerity, reminisced about their shared experiences and growth over the years, from their teenage days to the present. She expressed gratitude for Lisa’s friendship and companionship, fondly recalling moments of laughter and shared dreams. Rosé’s message was filled with affection and a shared sense of nostalgia, underscoring the deep bond between the BLACKPINK members.

As fans continue to shower Lisa with love and well-wishes, her birthday celebration serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and influence of BLACKPINK in the global music industry. With each member’s heartfelt tribute and the outpouring of support from fans, Lisa’s special day was truly a celebration of love, friendship, and the unwavering bond between artists and their dedicated followers. Here’s to many more years of success, happiness, and memorable moments for Lalisa Manobal, the shining star of BLACKPINK.


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