Exploring the Global Phenomenon: KQ ENT. Pop-Up Exhibit at the Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum is set to immerse visitors in the vibrant world of Korean pop music with its upcoming pop-up exhibit, spotlighting two trailblazing acts under KQ Entertainment. ATEEZ and xikers, heralded as pioneers in the K-pop scene, will take center stage as their journey and impact on the global music landscape are celebrated.

A Celebration of K-Pop Excellence:
As the Grammy Museum embarks on a multi-year celebration of K-pop, fans can anticipate an immersive experience showcasing the evolution and influence of ATEEZ and xikers. From iconic outfits to memorable props, the exhibit promises to transport visitors into the captivating realm of these groundbreaking boy bands.

Highlights from ATEEZ and xikers’ Careers:
Visitors will have the opportunity to delve into the world of ATEEZ, exploring the main outfits and props from their electrifying music video “Crazy Form,” a standout track from their chart-topping album THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL. Meanwhile, xikers’ latest chart success with “We Don’t Stop” will be celebrated with a display featuring attire from the music video, offering fans a glimpse into their artistic journey.

Memorable Moments and Mementos:
Beyond the spotlight on ATEEZ and xikers, the exhibit will also feature props, outfits, and mementos from various KQ Entertainment projects. Fans can relive iconic performances and cherished memories, including xikers member JUNGHOON’s distinctive look from the band’s debut album HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing.

Chart-Topping Success and Global Impact:
ATEEZ’s meteoric rise since their debut in October 2018 has garnered them an impressive 1.49 million total equivalent album units in the U.S. On the other hand, xikers, approaching their one-year anniversary, has made waves with 70,000 total equivalent album units, solidifying their place in the global music scene.

As the Grammy Museum prepares to showcase the indelible mark of K-pop, the KQ ENT. Pop-Up Exhibit promises to be a captivating journey through the pulsating heartbeat of Korean pop music. From chart-topping hits to iconic fashion moments, visitors will witness the cultural phenomenon firsthand and celebrate the unrivaled talent of ATEEZ, xikers, and KQ Entertainment. Get ready to experience the magic of K-pop like never before.


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