United Left Alliance Triumphs in JNUSU Elections: A Resounding Victory for Student Activism

Amidst a vibrant display of red flags and the rhythmic beats of drums, the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus erupted in jubilation as the Election Commission declared the United Left Alliance victorious in the JNUSU elections. The resounding victory marked a significant moment in the annals of student activism, with the Left Alliance securing three out of four seats and decisively defeating its closest rival, the RSS-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

Leading the charge was Dhananjay, who raised a fist in the air and proclaimed, “Jai Bhim, Lal Salam,” as hundreds of students joined him in celebration. Dhananjay’s victory as the JNUSU President, making him the second Dalit president of JNUSU in 27 years, underscored the triumph of grassroots activism and the enduring spirit of resistance against oppressive forces.

The electoral showdown, which unfolded after a hiatus of four years, witnessed a fierce battle between the ABVP and the United Left Alliance comprising AISA, SFI, AISF, and DSF. Despite the ABVP’s attempts to change its political strategies, including fielding a tribal presidential candidate for the first time, the United Left emerged victorious, capturing the imagination and support of the student body.

The victory of the United Left Alliance represents more than just electoral success; it symbolizes a resounding rejection of divisive politics and an affirmation of progressive values. As Dhananjay and his fellow winners—Avijit Ghosh, Mohd Sajid, and Priyanshi Arya—addressed the media, they highlighted the challenges faced by students and pledged to advocate for their rights and aspirations.

Dhananjay’s impassioned speech addressed a range of issues, from the struggle for democratic elections to the JNU administration’s fund cuts and the rise of RSS influence in academic appointments. He vowed to fight against injustices such as sexual harassment and discrimination, emphasizing the need for solidarity and collective action in confronting systemic oppression.

Moreover, Dhananjay’s indictment of the BJP government’s policies resonated with students, reflecting widespread discontent with the ruling regime’s handling of issues ranging from violence in Manipur to attacks on academic freedom. His assertion that the United Left’s victory serves as a mandate for change in the upcoming 2024 elections reverberated across the campus, galvanizing support for progressive politics and social justice.

As the dust settles on the JNUSU elections, the United Left Alliance’s triumph serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for student movements nationwide. With their mandate clear and their resolve unwavering, Dhananjay and his allies stand ready to champion the cause of students and marginalized communities, ensuring that their voices are heard and their struggles are acknowledged in the corridors of power.


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