Najeeb: The Real-Life Hero Behind the Tale of Aadujeevitham

Najeeb’s story is not just one of survival but a testament to the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity. Born in the quaint village of Aarattupuzha in Haripad, Alappuzha, Najeeb’s journey began with hope and aspirations for a better future. Little did he know, his path would lead him to the heart of a desert, where he would endure unimaginable hardships for years.

Deceived by false promises upon reaching Saudi Arabia in 1993, Najeeb found himself trapped in a desolate landscape, surrounded by nothing but sand dunes and a herd of 700 goats. Exploited by his Arbab and subjected to inhumane treatment, Najeeb’s existence became a haunting tale of captivity and suffering.

For two long years, Najeeb endured the harsh desert conditions, feeling more like a goat than a man. His only respite came when his Arbab left for a family wedding, providing Najeeb with a fleeting opportunity to escape. With sheer determination and courage, he embarked on a perilous journey, traversing miles without water until he finally found refuge in Jeddah.

Najeeb’s miraculous escape from captivity is a story of sheer resilience and unwavering hope. Despite the unimaginable hardships he endured, Najeeb never lost faith in the possibility of freedom. His tale of survival serves as an inspiration to all who face seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Thanks to Benyamin’s novel, Aadujeevitham, Najeeb’s extraordinary story has reached audiences far and wide, shedding light on his remarkable journey of survival and perseverance. As anticipation builds for the film adaptation of Goat Life by Blessy and Prithviraj, Najeeb’s narrative is set to captivate audiences, immortalizing his legacy as a real-life hero who defied all odds.


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