Jackie Shroff Opens Up About Life, Parenthood, and Investments in GQ India Interview

In a recent interaction with men’s magazine GQ India, Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff, known for his roles in films like “Parinda,” delved into his life philosophies, parenthood, and past business decisions. The actor candidly expressed regret over not investing wisely in properties and instead splurging on luxury cars.

Reflecting on his financial choices, Jackie ruefully admitted, “There was a time I used to do it and I regret it. Half of Andheri would have been mine if I hadn’t bought all the cars. So guys, go and invest in property.” His advice to the audience resonates with his own realization about the importance of prudent financial planning.

During the interview, Jackie also playfully teased his daughter Krishna about her money management skills, calling her “kanjoos” (stingy). This light-hearted moment showcased the camaraderie between the father-daughter duo.

The conversation also touched upon emotional moments, with Jackie revealing that he is more likely to get teary-eyed during films, especially when they evoke nostalgic memories through music or storytelling. He shared insights into his family dynamics, mentioning that while he and his son Tiger have worked together in a couple of films, it’s his daughter Krishna who becomes emotional when watching movies featuring either him or Tiger.

Jackie’s openness about his life, including his bond with his children and his reflections on financial decisions, provides fans with a deeper understanding of the actor beyond his on-screen persona. As he continues to navigate his journey in Bollywood and beyond, Jackie Shroff’s wisdom and authenticity remain an inspiration to many.


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