Former Executive Xu Yao Sentenced to Death for Murdering Gaming Company Founder

In a shocking turn of events, a former executive in China has been sentenced to death for the murder of Lin Qi, the founder of the high-profile gaming company Yoozoo. The incident, which occurred in December 2020, sent shockwaves through China’s technology and gaming industries.

Xu Yao, the convicted individual, poisoned Lin Qi’s food following a professional dispute between them, according to reports from CBS News citing the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court. The poisoning resulted in Lin Qi’s death, marking a tragic end to the life of the prominent entrepreneur.

Lin Qi’s company, Yoozoo, holds significant assets in the entertainment industry, including the film rights to the acclaimed Chinese science fiction trilogy “The Three-Body Problem.” In 2020, Yoozoo granted Netflix the rights to produce an adaptation of the trilogy, with Lin Qi serving as an executive producer on the highly anticipated series.

Additionally, Yoozoo developed “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming,” a game based on the popular television series, further solidifying its presence in the gaming market.

The court revealed that Xu Yao’s actions also left four other individuals seriously ill after poisoning beverages in the office over a period of several months due to disputes with two of them. Reports from Chinese finance publication Caixin indicated that Lin Qi was exposed to a cocktail of up to five different poisons, suggesting premeditation in the crime.

Furthermore, it was reported that Xu Yao meticulously tested the poisons in his own laboratory in Shanghai to ensure their effectiveness against Lin Qi, highlighting the extent of planning involved in the heinous act.

Despite efforts to stabilize Lin Qi’s condition, including extensive blood transfusions, the 39-year-old entrepreneur succumbed to the poisoning nine days later. His untimely death sparked widespread mourning and raised concerns about safety and security within China’s technology and gaming sectors.

The sentencing of Xu Yao to death underscores the gravity of the crime and serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of such malicious actions. As the case continues to reverberate throughout China, it serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of conflict resolution and the devastating impact of violence in the corporate world.


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