Controversy Surrounds Celine’s Appointment of New Global Ambassador

Recently, there has been a flurry of controversy surrounding the announcement of Danielle from NewJeans as the latest global ambassador for the French luxury brand, Celine. While the news was intended to be a celebration of Danielle’s achievement, it was met with criticism from some members of BLACKPINK’s fanbase, known as ‘BLINKS,’ who drew comparisons to the previous Celine global ambassador, BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

BLINKS have faced accusations of spreading false narratives, including editing articles to suggest a secret relationship between BTS’s Kim Taehyung and Danielle, insinuating that Taehyung’s support influenced Danielle’s ambassador role. Additionally, BLINKS have been accused of targeting other K-pop idols, such as NewJeans’ Haerin and Minji, despite their association with brands endorsed by BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Jennie.

In response to the backlash, other K-pop fans have pointed out that Girls’ Generation were pioneers as luxury brand ambassadors, questioning the perceived insecurity among BLINKS given BLACKPINK’s significant influence in fashion.

The situation has escalated on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with comments ranging from criticism of the immaturity and delusion of negative reactions to calls for an end to cyberbullying directed at young idols.

As the controversy unfolds, it underscores the complexities of fan culture in the K-pop industry and serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting positivity and respect within fan communities.


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