Opposition Rally in Delhi: Solidarity Against Chief Minister’s Arrest

The political landscape in India has once again become the stage for a high-stakes showdown, with the announcement of a mega rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan by the opposition bloc. The rallying cry? Protest against the arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the liquor policy case, orchestrated by the Enforcement Directorate.

Mr. Kejriwal’s arrest has galvanized opposition parties, transcending traditional rivalries, and forging a united front against what they perceive as an assault on democracy. Even Delhi Congress leaders, long-standing adversaries of the AAP leader, have joined the chorus of dissent, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

At a joint press conference, Delhi minister Gopal Rai articulated the collective outrage, condemning the manner in which Mr. Kejriwal was apprehended. He lambasted the Prime Minister’s alleged exploitation of probe agencies to intimidate politicians and stifle opposition voices, citing instances of purported victimization of leaders like Hemant Soren and Tejashwi Yadav.

Mr. Rai further decried the draconian measures taken to quell dissent, painting a picture of Delhi transformed into a fortress, with AAP leaders sidelined and Mr. Kejriwal’s family placed under house arrest. The sealing of AAP headquarters and the seizure of Congress’s accounts were portrayed as egregious violations, undermining the democratic fabric of the nation.

Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely echoed these sentiments, questioning the very essence of democracy in light of recent events. He denounced the lack of a level playing field, with elected Chief Ministers being targeted and political parties subjected to coercive tactics. Asserting the Congress’s unwavering commitment to defending democracy, he invoked the leadership of Rahul Gandhi in spearheading this critical battle.

As the opposition gears up to converge at Ramlila Maidan in a formidable display of solidarity, the rally symbolizes more than just a protest; it’s a resounding affirmation of democratic values and a clarion call for justice. In the face of adversity, the opposition stands united, unwavering in its resolve to safeguard the democratic ethos upon which the nation’s foundation rests. The rally, slated for next Sunday, promises to be a pivotal moment in India’s political landscape, shaping the course of events in the days to come.


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