Kunal Kemmu’s Journey from Writing to Directing: The Making of “Madgaon Express”

In a surprising turn of events, actor Kunal Kemmu found himself not only testing his writing skills but also stepping into the director’s chair with the comedy film “Madgaon Express.” What started as a mere writing exercise for Kemmu turned into a full-fledged feature film, receiving praise from critics upon its theatrical release.

From Writing to Directing:
Kunal Kemmu revealed that “Madgaon Express” began as an experiment to gauge his writing abilities. Little did he know that this solitary endeavor would lead him to helm the project as its director. The actor-turned-writer-director expressed his initial intentions of possibly just acting in the film, never imagining it would evolve into a directorial opportunity.

The Genesis of “Madgaon Express”:
The concept of “Madgaon Express” took root during Kemmu’s involvement in the zombie comedy “Go Goa Gone” (2015). Inspired by his experiences and fueled by his creative spark, Kemmu embarked on crafting the story of three childhood friends on an adventurous journey to Goa, portrayed by actors Gandhi, Divyenndu, and Tiwary.

A Silent Evolution:
Kemmu’s writing process for “Madgaon Express” remained a closely guarded secret. He delved into the scriptwriting journey without anyone’s knowledge, treating it as a personal challenge and passion project. It wasn’t until much later that the script caught the attention of a common friend at Excel Entertainment, leading to the film’s production.

Kunal Kemmu’s Cinematic Journey:
Renowned for his roles in films like “Kalyug,” the “Golmaal” franchise, “Lootcase,” and the series “Abhay,” Kemmu’s venture into writing and directing marks a significant milestone in his career. His versatility as an actor has now been complemented by his prowess behind the camera, showcasing his multifaceted talent in the film industry.

“Madgaon Express” stands as a testament to Kunal Kemmu’s journey of creative exploration and self-discovery. What began as a personal challenge morphed into a cinematic venture that not only showcased his writing skills but also allowed him to don the director’s hat with finesse. As the film continues to garner praise, Kemmu’s transition from actor to writer-director serves as an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and artists alike.


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