Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Marries Mexican Model-Turned Entrepreneur Grecia Munoz

Deepinder Goyal, the 41-year-old CEO of Zomato, has recently tied the knot for the second time with Grecia Munoz, a former model and now an entrepreneur hailing from Mexico. This union comes after Goyal’s previous marriage to Kanchan Joshi, with whom he shared ties from their time at IIT Delhi.

Grecia Munoz, who has been making her mark in India’s startup landscape with her venture in the luxury consumer products sector, brings a blend of glamour and entrepreneurial spirit to her new role as Goyal’s wife. Her Instagram bio proudly states her journey from being born in Mexico to finding a home in India, showcasing her adaptability and international flair.

Notably, Grecia’s accolades include winning the Metropolitan Fashion Week in 2022, highlighting her success in the modeling industry before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Amidst this personal milestone, Goyal continues to navigate the helm of Zomato, recently making headlines with the launch of a ‘Veg Only’ service, catering specifically to vegetarian consumers. However, faced with backlash over plans for separate green uniforms for the delivery fleet, Goyal swiftly responded to the feedback, opting to rename the feature to “veg-only mode” instead of “pure veg mode.”

As Goyal and Munoz embark on this new chapter together, their story resonates with the evolving landscape of both personal and professional pursuits, encapsulating the essence of adaptation, innovation, and the pursuit of happiness.


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