Rose Hanbury Takes Legal Action Against Stephen Colbert Over Prince William Affair Jokes

Recent reports have revealed that British model Rose Hanbury’s legal team has taken action against late-night host Stephen Colbert following jests made about her amid ongoing rumors of an alleged affair with Prince William. The situation, which has garnered widespread attention, underscores the challenges of navigating tabloid gossip and mainstream media scrutiny.

Hanbury’s lawyers, in a statement to In Touch, addressed Colbert’s jokes on “The Late Show,” labeling them as contributing to the propagation of false allegations. Colbert’s quips, which included references to the rumored affair between Hanbury and Prince William, have drawn sharp criticism and prompted legal action from Hanbury’s representatives.

Colbert’s remarks, delivered in his signature comedic style, touched on the speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s absence and the alleged involvement of Hanbury as the “other woman.” Despite the satirical nature of Colbert’s comments, Hanbury’s legal team deemed them harmful and sought clarification from CBS and other media outlets involved.

The jests made by Colbert have sparked further debate surrounding the ethics of satire and the responsibility of media personalities to avoid perpetuating unfounded rumors. Hanbury’s swift response, coupled with her firm denial of the allegations, highlights the seriousness with which she regards the matter and her determination to protect her reputation.

In a statement to Business Insider, Hanbury refuted the rumors, asserting their complete falsity and emphasizing her commitment to addressing the issue head-on. The legal action taken by her representatives underscores the importance of challenging misinformation and safeguarding individuals’ integrity in the face of public scrutiny.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the complex intersection between celebrity, tabloid culture, and the media’s role in shaping public perception. Hanbury’s decision to take legal recourse against Colbert’s jokes reflects her resolve to defend her reputation and combat the spread of baseless rumors in the public sphere.


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