Kaabil Kids Makes Waves on Shark Tank India: Revolutionizing Chess Education

The latest episode of Shark Tank India featured an intriguing pitch that captured the imagination of viewers – Kaabil Kids, an innovative ed-tech company focused on chess education. Led by a passionate founder with a personal mission to nurture the next generation of chess Grandmasters in India, Kaabil Kids aims to address the lack of proper training for children aged 5 to 15.

The founder’s journey began with a childhood dream of becoming a chess Grandmaster, which was sidelined due to a lack of adequate training opportunities. However, his passion for the game was reignited through his son, inspiring him to establish Kaabil Kids. Partnering with esteemed chess Grandmaster Tejas Bakre, the company is committed to developing a curriculum that fosters talent and passion for chess among young learners.

During their pitch on Shark Tank India, the founders sought Rs 70 lakh in exchange for a 2% equity stake, valuing the company at Rs 35 crore. Their vision resonated with the Sharks and viewers alike, drawing attention to India’s growing prominence in the global chess community. With 83 Grandmasters hailing from India out of the 2000-plus worldwide, and rising stars like R Praggnanandhaa making headlines, the potential for further growth in Indian chess is undeniable.

Kaabil Kids’ approach to chess education blends technology with innovative teaching methods, making learning engaging and accessible to children from diverse backgrounds. By leveraging the expertise of experienced Grandmasters like Tejas Bakre, the company ensures that its curriculum is both comprehensive and effective in nurturing young talent.

The pitch highlighted the importance of quality chess education in shaping the future of the sport in India, garnering interest and support from the Sharks. Through Kaabil Kids, aspiring young players now have access to the resources and guidance they need to pursue their dreams of becoming chess Grandmasters.

In conclusion, Kaabil Kids stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the realm of chess education, driven by a passionate team committed to unlocking the potential of India’s young chess prodigies. With their groundbreaking approach and dedication to excellence, Kaabil Kids is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of Indian chess for generations to come.


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