Empowering Arunachal’s Theatre Scene: Insights from the Realistic Acting Workshop

In the vibrant capital city of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, an enriching 10-day ‘realistic acting workshop’ recently concluded, leaving a trail of inspiration and empowerment for aspiring actors across the state. Organized by the cultural organization Roots in collaboration with the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS), the workshop aimed to nurture the burgeoning talent in the region and elevate the local theatre scene to new heights.

Led by renowned theatre personality and actor Pabitra Rabha, alongside the expertise of Sonam Stobqais and Niranjan Nath, alumni of the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD), the workshop provided a platform for more than 12 selected participants from diverse backgrounds to hone their acting skills and explore the nuances of realistic portrayal on stage.

The presence of former Itanagar Capital Region DC Talo Potom among the participants underscored the inclusive nature of the workshop, welcoming individuals from various walks of life to delve into the world of theatre.

At the valedictory ceremony, APLS president YD Thongchi lauded the initiative, emphasizing the transformative potential of theatre in shaping the cultural landscape of Arunachal Pradesh. He commended the youths of the state for their talent and aptitude, foreseeing a promising future for them in the entertainment industry under the guidance of mentors like NSD Assistant Professor Riken Ngomle.

Mukul Pathak, APLS general secretary, encouraged the budding actors to not only excel in performance but also explore avenues in scriptwriting and other aspects of dramatic arts. This holistic approach reflects a broader vision to cultivate multifaceted talents and foster a sustainable ecosystem for theatre in the region.

Riken Ngomle, president of Roots and an instrumental figure in shaping the theatrical narrative of Arunachal Pradesh, unveiled plans for a street play addressing pertinent social issues of the state. Leveraging the skills and insights gained during the workshop, the participants will contribute to this impactful production, amplifying their voices on pressing matters through the medium of theatre.

As the curtains draw on the ‘realistic acting workshop,’ its legacy resonates not only in the certificates awarded to the participants but also in the collective ambition to redefine Arunachal’s cultural identity through the performing arts. With each actor poised to embark on their journey, armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, the stage is set for a renaissance in Arunachal’s theatre scene, where stories come alive, voices find resonance, and communities unite in the spirit of artistic expression.


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