Delhi Court Grants Permission for BRS Leader Kavitha to Meet Family in Custody

In a recent development, a Delhi court has granted permission for BRS leader K Kavitha, currently held in Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody in connection with a money laundering case related to the now-defunct Delhi excise policy, to meet her two sons, mother, and other family members.

Special Judge M K Nagpal issued the order following an application submitted by advocate Nitesh Rana, representing Kavitha. The request sought the inclusion of seven additional names from the accused’s family or relations to be permitted to meet her during her time in ED custody.

While acknowledging that six persons were already permitted to meet Kavitha as per a previous order issued on March 16, the judge declined the addition of further names. However, upon Rana’s request, the court agreed to retain only Kavitha’s brother, K Taraka Rama Rao, from the previous list and include the seven new names, who were close family members.

In the judge’s words, “Hence, in view of the submissions being made and in modification of the order dated March 16, 2024, it is being directed that apart from her brother K Taraka Rama Rao mentioned in the said order and in exclusion of remaining persons named in the said order, the accused be also permitted to meet the family members who have been named in the present application.”

It’s important to note that the court reiterated the existing restriction, maintaining that Kavitha would only be allowed to meet two or three persons on any given day.

This decision marks a significant development in Kavitha’s legal proceedings, providing her with an opportunity to connect with her family during her time in custody.


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