Police Discover Explosive Material Near Bengaluru School: Safety Concerns Arise

In a concerning turn of events, Bellandur police in Bengaluru made a startling discovery on the night of March 17. A box containing gelatin sticks and an electrical detonator was found stored in a tractor parked at a labour shed opposite a school in Chikkanayakanahalli. The incident has raised serious safety concerns and prompted swift action from law enforcement authorities.

Prompt Police Response:
Upon discovering the potentially dangerous materials, Police Sub-Inspector Revannsiddappa acted swiftly by alerting his seniors and initiating the necessary protocols. The material was seized, and an FIR was registered against the owner of the tractor under relevant sections of the Explosives Act and the Indian Penal Code, including Section 286 pertaining to negligent conduct with respect to explosive substances.

Safety Violations Uncovered:
Initial investigations revealed significant violations of licensing conditions and negligence in the storage of the explosive material. This lapse in safety standards poses a grave risk to public safety and underscores the importance of stringent enforcement measures.

Search for Tractor Owner:
As the investigation progresses, the police are actively searching for the owner of the tractor to ascertain the source of the explosive material. There is suspicion that the gelatin sticks and detonator may have been intended for use in activities such as rock breaking or quarry work. However, the exact motives behind the storage of these materials near a school remain unclear.

Context of Recent Incidents:
This discovery comes in the wake of a recent blast at The Rameshwaram Cafe, where nine individuals were injured. Although all the injured have been discharged after receiving medical treatment, the incident has raised concerns about security and public safety in the region. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Bengaluru police continue their efforts to apprehend the individual responsible for planting the improvised explosive device (IED).

The discovery of explosive material near a school in Bengaluru serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking in our communities. It highlights the critical importance of vigilance, effective law enforcement, and adherence to safety regulations. As authorities work to unravel the circumstances surrounding these incidents, it is imperative for citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of all.


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