Noida Police Arrest Two More in Elvish Yadav Snake Venom Case

In a significant development, the Noida Police announced the arrest of two additional individuals in connection with the case involving YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav. Here’s a detailed overview of the latest updates and ongoing investigation into the suspected use of snake venom as a recreational drug:

Background of the Case:
The case dates back to November 3 last year when Elvish Yadav and five others were booked under the Wildlife Protection Act and Section 120 B of the Indian Penal Code for allegedly supplying snake venom to partygoers in Noida for recreational purposes. The suspects were found in possession of nine protected snakes and a tube of snake venom during their arrests.

Recent Arrests and Intensified Investigation:
Days after Elvish Yadav’s arrest, the Noida Police intensified their investigation and apprehended two more individuals linked to the case. This development underscores the authorities’ commitment to thoroughly probe the matter and bring all responsible parties to justice.

Additional Charges and Forensic Findings:
Following a forensic report confirming the presence of snake venom, the police added charges under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act to the existing FIR. The forensic analysis revealed that the liquid recovered from the suspects was venom from a krait, further strengthening the case against them.

Legal Response and Allegations of Illegal Detention:
Elvish Yadav’s legal team has contested his arrest, alleging that he was called in as a witness for questioning but was unlawfully detained and later arrested without proper justification. The lawyer representing Yadav emphasized that his client had cooperated with the investigation multiple times before his detention.

Way Forward and Continued Vigilance:
As the investigation progresses, authorities are committed to uncovering the truth and holding all individuals involved accountable for their actions. The arrests of additional suspects underscore the seriousness with which law enforcement agencies are addressing the issue of illegal activities involving wildlife and narcotics.

The arrest of two more individuals in the Elvish Yadav snake venom case marks a significant step forward in the ongoing investigation. With the police’s determination to unravel the truth, the case continues to garner attention and highlights the importance of combating illicit activities that pose a threat to public safety and wildlife conservation efforts. Stay tuned for further updates as the investigation unfolds.


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