Narayana Murthy’s Generosity and Family Legacy: A Glimpse into Infosys’ Shareholding

The recent news of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy gifting shares worth Rs 240 crore to his four-year-old grandson, Ekagrah Murty, has garnered widespread attention and admiration. This remarkable gesture not only reflects familial generosity but also underscores the importance of strategic financial planning within the Murthy family.

Ekagrah Murty’s inclusion into the elite league of millionaires at such a young age is unprecedented, with the gift comprising 15 lakh shares in Infosys, amounting to 0.04 percent ownership of the esteemed IT firm. However, Ekagrah is not the only family member holding a notable stake in Infosys.

Narayana Murthy himself retains a significant stake in Infosys, with his ownership amounting to 0.36 percent of the company’s shares following the generous gift to Ekagrah. This reaffirms Murthy’s enduring commitment to the company he co-founded and nurtured into a global IT powerhouse.

Sudha Murty, Narayana Murthy’s wife and co-founder of Infosys, holds an impressive 0.93 percent stake in the company, translating to approximately 3.45 crore shares as of 2023. Sudha Murty’s steadfast support and contributions have played a pivotal role in Infosys’ journey to success.

Akshata Murty, daughter of Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty, commands ownership of 3.89 crore Infosys shares, representing a notable 1.05 percent stake in the company. Akshata Murty’s achievements extend beyond her familial ties, as she is also recognized for her role as the spouse of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The Murthy family’s significant holdings in Infosys exemplify their deep-rooted connection to the company and its legacy. Their collective contributions and strategic investments not only reflect their faith in Infosys’ continued growth but also highlight their commitment to nurturing future generations.

In conclusion, Narayana Murthy’s recent gesture of gifting shares to his grandson, along with the notable shareholdings of Sudha Murty and Akshata Murty, underscore the family’s enduring legacy and commitment to Infosys. As the company continues to evolve and thrive, the Murthy family remains an integral part of its journey towards excellence and innovation.


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