Journalist Poonam Agarwal’s Apology Regarding Electoral Bond Data Misstep

In a recent turn of events, journalist Poonam Agarwal has publicly apologized after questioning the authenticity of data shared by the State Bank of India (SBI) regarding electoral bonds.

Initially, Agarwal took to Twitter to express her concerns, stating that she had only purchased electoral bonds in 2018. However, the data released by the SBI indicated that she had also purchased a bond in 2020. In a surprising twist, Agarwal admitted her mistake and attributed it to her poor memory, particularly citing the tumultuous events of the COVID-19 pandemic year.

In a statement, Agarwal clarified that upon reviewing a video recorded during her time at The Quint, she discovered evidence of her purchase of an electoral bond dated 20/10/2020. Despite her initial denial, Agarwal acknowledged her forgetfulness and extended her apologies for the confusion caused by her earlier assertions.

She emphasized that the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak year may have contributed to her oversight, leading to her inability to recall the bond purchase in 2020.

Agarwal’s candid admission of her mistake serves as a reminder of the importance of accuracy and accountability in journalism. Her willingness to acknowledge and rectify her error reflects integrity and transparency, traits essential in the field of journalism.

As the controversy surrounding electoral bonds continues to unfold, Agarwal’s apology highlights the need for thorough verification and scrutiny of information before drawing conclusions. It also underscores the significance of acknowledging and learning from mistakes, even in the fast-paced world of social media and journalism.


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