‘Apartment 404’ Producer Responds to Rumors about BLACKPINK’s Jennie

In the world of entertainment, rumors often swirl, and recent speculation surrounding BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her involvement in the tvN variety show ‘Apartment 404’ has sparked discussion among fans. Reports surfaced suggesting Jennie’s absence from post-work gatherings and potential exclusion from the show’s second season lineup. However, producer Jung Chul Min swiftly addressed the allegations, providing clarity on the situation.

Addressing the rumors head-on, PD Jung Chul Min stated, “I mean, what is this? There’s nothing like being absent from a scheduled work get-together for a meal, and there were never discussions for season 2.” His statement aimed to dispel any misconceptions regarding Jennie’s participation in the show’s future installments.

Speculation surrounding Jennie’s involvement in ‘Apartment 404’ intensified following news of her decision not to join the upcoming variety show ‘My Name is Gabriel.’ Reports suggested that Jennie’s absence from gatherings was attributed to her focus on working on an album, rather than any deliberate avoidance of the show’s activities.

Amidst rumors and criticism surrounding the show’s ratings and cast, PD Jung Chul Min’s comments aimed to set the record straight. However, following his response, he chose to delete his remarks on the matter concerning Jennie, leaving fans and media outlets to speculate further.

While the exact details of Jennie’s involvement in ‘Apartment 404’ and any potential future seasons remain uncertain, PD Jung Chul Min’s swift response to the rumors provides some clarity amidst the speculation. As fans await further updates, the future of the show and Jennie’s role within it will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of interest and discussion within the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for more developments on this evolving story.


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