ECI Removes Controversial West Bengal DGP Rajeev Kumar Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

In a significant move ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has removed Rajeev Kumar, a 1989-batch IPS officer, from his position as Director General & Inspector General of Police in West Bengal. This decision comes amidst allegations and controversies surrounding Kumar, particularly regarding phone tapping accusations made by opposition leaders.

Kumar’s removal echoes a similar action taken before the 2016 Assembly polls when he was stripped of his role as Kolkata’s top cop. Now, with the Lok Sabha elections looming, the Election Commission has deemed it necessary to reassign him to a non-election-related post immediately.

However, the ECI’s directive did not include the announcement of Kumar’s successor. Instead, the Chief Secretary BP Gopalika has been tasked with ensuring a smooth transition. The order mandates the appointment of the next senior officer at the Police Headquarters to handle Kumar’s responsibilities temporarily until a new Director General & Inspector General of Police for West Bengal is appointed.

The Election Commission has also called for the submission of a panel consisting of three eligible officers for the position of Director General & Inspector General of Police in West Bengal by the end of the day.

This latest development underscores the critical role law enforcement plays in ensuring the integrity and fairness of elections, particularly in regions where political tensions run high. The decision to remove Rajeev Kumar signifies the ECI’s commitment to upholding transparency and impartiality in the electoral process.


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