CJI Chandrachud’s Firm Stand: A Lesson in Courtroom Decorum

In a recent hearing on the electoral bonds case at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud demonstrated unwavering resolve in upholding courtroom decorum. His admonishment of a lawyer for raising his voice serves as a reminder of the solemnity and respect that should characterize legal proceedings.

During the hearing, CJI Chandrachud reprimanded advocate Mathews Nedumpara for shouting, emphasizing that the court is not a platform for public debate akin to a Hyde Park corner meeting. This stern reminder underscores the need for advocates to conduct themselves with professionalism and restraint, regardless of the intensity of their arguments.

The incident sheds light on the broader issue of maintaining civility and dignity within the judicial system. As guardians of justice, judges play a pivotal role in upholding the sanctity of the court and ensuring that proceedings are conducted in a fair and orderly manner.

Nedumpara’s assertion that the judgment in the electoral bonds case was delivered without the knowledge of citizens reflects the ongoing debate surrounding transparency and accountability in governance. However, CJI Chandrachud’s response reaffirms the principle that the judiciary operates within established legal frameworks and is not swayed by public opinion or perceptions.

Furthermore, the advocate’s argument regarding the nature of the electoral bonds case as a policy matter versus a justiciable issue highlights the complexities inherent in judicial review of government policies. While courts have the authority to adjudicate matters of legality and constitutional validity, they must exercise caution when delving into areas traditionally considered within the purview of the executive or legislative branches.

Ultimately, CJI Chandrachud’s firm stance serves as a testament to the independence and integrity of the judiciary. His commitment to upholding decorum and adherence to procedural rules ensures that the administration of justice remains above reproach.

As the electoral bonds case continues to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between judicial scrutiny and democratic governance. Through principled leadership and steadfast adherence to the rule of law, CJI Chandrachud sets a commendable example for legal professionals and citizens alike.


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