V’s Wooga Squad Reacts to FRI(END)S MV: A Heartwarming Display of Friendship

BTS sensation Kim Taehyung, affectionately known as V, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his latest single, FRI(END)S. The release of the music video, showcasing V’s artistic brilliance, has not only garnered widespread acclaim but also elicited heartwarming reactions from his close friends, the Wooga Squad.

In a recent Weverse live session, V’s friends Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik, and Park Hyung-sik, collectively known as the Wooga Squad, gathered at Kim’s apartment to watch and react to the music video. Their genuine support and infectious enthusiasm for their friend’s success shone through as they immersed themselves in the creative visuals of FRI(END)S.

Fans were quick to capture and share snippets of the live session on social media, showcasing the Wooga Squad’s hilarious banter and heartening camaraderie. From playful jokes about the video’s storyline to genuine expressions of pride and joy, their reactions resonated deeply with fans, affirming the strong bond they share with V.

The Wooga Squad’s unwavering support for V extends beyond mere camaraderie; it embodies a genuine friendship rooted in mutual respect and admiration. As they cheered on their friend’s artistic endeavors, their infectious energy spread across social media, captivating fans worldwide.

Moreover, V’s fellow K-pop stars also lauded his creativity and emotional depth portrayed in the FRI(END)S music video. The video’s exploration of the duality of love, juxtaposing loneliness with companionship, struck a chord with viewers, further cementing V’s status as a multifaceted artist.

Notably, British actress Ruby Sear’s portrayal of V’s love interest added an extra layer of depth to the music video, enhancing its emotional resonance and visual appeal.

As fans continue to celebrate V’s success and the heartwarming bond shared with his friends, the Wooga Squad’s reaction serves as a poignant reminder of the power of friendship and support in the entertainment industry. Through their genuine expressions of love and encouragement, they exemplify the true meaning of camaraderie and solidarity within BTS and beyond.

In a world often characterized by competition and rivalry, V’s friendship with the Wooga Squad stands as a beacon of positivity and unity, inspiring fans to cherish the bonds that uplift and empower them. As V’s star continues to rise, his loyal friends remain by his side, celebrating each milestone with unwavering devotion and pride.


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