K-pop Highlights of the Week: V’s “FRI(END)S,” Chung Ha’s “EENIE MEENIE,” and More

The past week in the world of K-pop witnessed an array of exciting releases from some of the industry’s brightest stars. From BTS member V’s much-anticipated digital single to Chung Ha’s powerful collaboration with ATEEZ’s Hongjoong, here’s a detailed look at the standout tracks that captivated fans from March 11 to 17.

BTS’ V Drops “FRI(END)S”:
On March 15, BTS member V delighted fans with the release of his digital single “FRI(END)S.” Despite currently serving in the military, V’s latest offering quickly soared to the top of iTunes and Spotify charts, showcasing the unwavering support of ARMYs worldwide. The song’s infectious melody and V’s emotive vocals reaffirmed his status as a versatile artist capable of delivering memorable solo tracks.

Chung Ha’s “EENIE MEENIE” featuring ATEEZ’s Hongjoong:
March 11 marked the release of Chung Ha’s latest solo endeavor, “EENIE MEENIE,” featuring a dynamic collaboration with ATEEZ member Hongjoong. The track seamlessly blends Chung Ha’s soulful vocals with Hongjoong’s fiery rap verses, resulting in a captivating fusion of genres. With its catchy hooks and infectious beats, “EENIE MEENIE” solidifies Chung Ha’s position as one of K-pop’s most versatile performers.

Solo Comebacks: Taeil, Wendy, and YooA:
In addition to V and Chung Ha’s releases, NCT’s Taeil, Red Velvet’s Wendy, and OH MY GIRL’s YooA made their solo comebacks, adding further diversity to this week’s K-pop lineup. Taeil showcased his vocal prowess with a soulful track, while Wendy enchanted listeners with her emotive performance. YooA impressed with her unique style and artistic flair, further establishing herself as a soloist to watch in the industry.

As fans continue to revel in the latest releases from their favorite artists, the K-pop scene remains vibrant and dynamic, with each new song offering a fresh glimpse into the creativity and talent of its performers. From chart-topping hits to captivating collaborations, the past week has undoubtedly been a thrilling ride for K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.


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