Imposter’s Foiled Attempt at Indian Army Headquarters Reveals Elaborate Deception

In a recent incident at Fort William, the Eastern Command headquarters of the Indian Army in Kolkata, a daring imposter posing as a high-ranking army officer attempted entry, only to be thwarted by alert military personnel.

The imposter, masquerading as Major MS Chauhan of the 5th Gorkha Rifles (Frontier Force), arrived at Fort William in a black BMW, accompanied by a chauffeur. Despite presenting an ID card on his phone and claiming his affiliation, his attempt to enter the premises was halted when he struggled to provide his particulars in the officer’s entry register.

Suspicion arose when the imposter repeatedly referred to his mobile number while attempting to fill out the entry form. Prompt action by the on-duty military personnel led to the discovery of the imposter’s true identity: a habitual offender hailing from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Investigations unveiled a trail of deceit, with the imposter’s recent activities revealing a pattern of fraudulent behavior. From duping a hotel in Cuttack of ₹6,393 to traveling ticketless and making false digital payments at luxury establishments, the imposter employed various tactics to deceive and swindle.

One notable aspect of the imposter’s scheme involved manipulating digital payment confirmations through the BHIM app, editing initial messages to facilitate further fraudulent transactions.

Furthermore, the imposter’s audacious ruse extended to convincing a cab driver of his purported affiliation with the President’s Bodyguard regiment and exploiting this trust to fulfill personal errands, including a visit to Jadavpur University under false pretenses.

Ultimately, the imposter’s elaborate deception came to an end at Fort William, where his facade was exposed, and he was promptly handed over to law enforcement authorities.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and stringent security measures, particularly in sensitive military installations. It underscores the resilience of defense personnel in detecting and thwarting potential threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of vital establishments.


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