Billboard World Albums Chart Highlights: TWICE Leads, (G)I-DLE Re-Enters, BTS Dominates

Billboard has unveiled its latest World Albums chart for the week ending on March 16, showcasing the global dominance of K-pop and highlighting the success of various acts from the genre. Let’s delve into the notable highlights and achievements of the chart-toppers:

  1. TWICE’s “With YOU-th” Reigns Supreme: TWICE continues to dominate the World Albums chart with their mini-album “With YOU-th,” maintaining the top spot for the second consecutive week. The group’s infectious energy and irresistible melodies have propelled them to not only the pinnacle of the World Albums chart but also as the best-selling album in the United States for two consecutive weeks, a testament to their unwavering popularity and musical prowess.
  2. LE SSERAFIM’s “EASY” Holds Strong: LE SSERAFIM retains its position at No. 2 on the World Albums chart with their mini-album “EASY,” marking its third consecutive week on the chart. The album’s sustained success is further underscored by its inclusion in the top 50 of the prestigious Billboard 200 for the second consecutive week, solidifying LE SSERAFIM’s status as a rising force in the global music scene.
  3. (G)I-DLE Makes a Strong Re-Entry: (G)I-DLE makes a triumphant return to the World Albums chart, entering at a new peak of No. 3 with their latest album “2.” The group’s captivating performances and innovative sound have propelled them back into the spotlight, garnering widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.
  4. Stray Kids and NewJeans Maintain Momentum: Stray Kids’ “ROCK-STAR” remains steady at No. 4 in its impressive 17th week on the World Albums chart, highlighting the group’s enduring popularity and global appeal. Meanwhile, NewJeans’ “Get Up” climbs back to No. 5 in its third week, reaffirming their position as emerging stars in the K-pop landscape.
  5. ENHYPEN and BTS Showcase Longevity: ENHYPEN’s “ORANGE BLOOD” continues to hold strong at No. 6 in its 16th week on the chart, demonstrating the group’s sustained success and dedicated fan base. Additionally, BTS’s 2022 anthology album “Proof” maintains its position at No. 9 in its remarkable 91st week, highlighting the group’s unparalleled longevity and enduring impact on the global music industry.
  6. Solo Success and Stellar Performances: BTS’s Jimin makes waves with his solo debut album “FACE,” rising to No. 10 in its 44th week on the chart, showcasing the individual talents of the BTS members beyond the group’s collective success. P1Harmony’s “Killin’ It” follows closely at No. 11 in its fourth week, while BTS’s 2018 album “Love Yourself: Tear” continues to impress at No. 12 in its 207th week.
  7. TXT, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ Round Out the Top 15: TXT’s “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL” makes a re-entry into the chart at No. 13, further solidifying the group’s presence in the global music landscape. Stray Kids’ “★★★★★ (5-STAR)” and ATEEZ’s “THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL” round out the top 15 at No. 14 and No. 15, respectively, showcasing the diverse talents and unparalleled creativity of these K-pop sensations.

In conclusion, the latest Billboard World Albums chart reaffirms the global dominance of K-pop and celebrates the remarkable achievements of various acts within the genre. From TWICE’s chart-topping success to BTS’s enduring impact and the rise of emerging talents like (G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM, the chart reflects the vibrant and dynamic landscape of Korean music on the world stage. Congratulations to all the artists for their phenomenal accomplishments!


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