Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd Undergoes Leadership Changes in Technology Division

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) has announced significant changes in its technology and data vertical following the resignation of its president and group chief technology officer, Nitin Mittal. This development comes amidst strategic shifts initiated by managing director and CEO, Punit Goenka, indicating a new direction for the company’s technological operations.

The departure of Nitin Mittal follows closely on the heels of Rahul Johri, president of business, who recently left the company after a tenure of three and a half years, signaling a period of transition and restructuring within ZEEL’s leadership ranks.

In response to Mittal’s resignation, ZEEL stated that it is implementing substantial measures under the guidance of the Board and in alignment with the strategic vision set forth by the MD and CEO. These measures aim to establish a new lateral structure characterized by heightened accountability and a stronger focus on delivering results.

As part of the restructuring efforts, several interim appointments have been made to key positions within the technology division. Amrit Thomas, overseeing data science, Kishore Krishnamurthy, leading engineering, Bhushan Kolleri, managing product development, and Vishal Somani, responsible for enterprise and content technology, will now report to Amit Goenka, president of digital businesses and platforms.

ZEEL emphasized that these organizational changes are intended to create a more cost-effective structure, optimize resources, and maintain a keen emphasis on quality standards. The company aims to sustain its long-term growth trajectory by fostering innovation and efficiency in its technological operations.

With these strategic initiatives in place, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd is poised to navigate evolving market dynamics and position itself for sustained success in the ever-changing media and entertainment landscape.


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