The Struggle of Art: Filmmaker Devashish Makhija’s Financial Battle

Filmmaker Devashish Makhija’s recent revelations about his financial struggles shed light on the harsh reality many artists face in the film industry. Despite critical acclaim and prestigious awards for his movies like “Joram,” Makhija remains financially destitute.

In a candid interview, Makhija disclosed that he hasn’t earned a single penny from his critically acclaimed films, including “Joram,” which starred Manoj Bajpayee. Despite accolades and recognition at esteemed film festivals, Makhija’s films have failed to recoup their budgets, leaving him bankrupt and unable to pay rent.

With 20 scripts awaiting production, Makhija faces the harsh reality of dwindling prospects as producers remain hesitant to invest in his projects. His directorial debut, “Ajji,” made on a modest budget of ₹1 crore, struggled to earn ₹15 lakh at the box office, setting a precedent for his subsequent films.

Even with star power like Manoj Bajpayee in “Joram,” backed by Zee Studios, the film’s financial success eluded Makhija, highlighting the challenge of balancing artistry with commercial viability in the industry. Despite winning critical acclaim and prestigious awards, Makhija’s financial woes persist, preventing him from even affording a bicycle.

Makhija’s plight serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices many artists make in pursuit of their craft. As he navigates the precarious intersection of art and commerce, his story underscores the need for systemic changes to support talented filmmakers like him who prioritize artistic integrity over financial gain.


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