Mumbai’s Coastal Road Phase 1 Inauguration: A Milestone in Urban Infrastructure

The recent inauguration of the south-bound corridor of Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project Phase 1 marks a significant milestone in the city’s urban infrastructure development. Led by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, accompanied by Deputy CMs Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar, the inauguration ceremony symbolizes the collective effort to enhance Mumbai’s transportation network and alleviate traffic congestion.

The newly opened 10.5-kilometre stretch, named the Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj Coastal Road, represents the initial phase of the ambitious coastal road project. It offers motorists a seamless travel experience, with entry points at Worli Seaface, Haji Ali interchange, and Amarson’s interchange, and an exit available at Marine Lines. Anticipated to significantly reduce travel time from Worli to Marine Drive, the coastal road promises to revolutionize commuting in Mumbai, with expected travel times slashed from 45 minutes to just 10 minutes.

Mumbaikars wasted no time in taking to the newly inaugurated Coastal Road, sharing their first-hand experiences and praising the engineering marvel. Rohan Sen, a daily commuter from Bandra to Nariman Point, lauded the smoothness and spaciousness of the road, likening it to “makkhan” or butter. He expressed satisfaction with the lane discipline observed by fellow motorists and commended the efficiency of the four-lane road.

While Rohan highlighted minor traffic bottlenecks at entry points, such as Bindu Madhav Thackeray Chowk, he acknowledged the significant reduction in travel time achieved. Contrary to initial estimates, Rohan reported reaching Marine Drive from Worli in just eight minutes, underscoring the effectiveness of the Coastal Road in streamlining traffic flow and improving connectivity across the city.

The inauguration of the Coastal Road Phase 1 underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing Mumbai’s infrastructure and addressing longstanding transportation challenges. As the project progresses and additional phases are completed, Mumbaikars can look forward to further improvements in commute times, traffic management, and overall urban mobility. The Coastal Road stands as a testament to Mumbai’s resilience and determination to embrace innovation in pursuit of a more efficient and sustainable future.


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